Sieving is Believing

Many would argue that the performance of a grinder is more important than the performance of the brewer when it comes to achieving perfection in the cup, regardless of the brewing method. Yet there’s not a grinder in existence today, on the home market or in the big leagues, that doesn’t exhibit some element of deviation from a designated particle size.

A new product called the Rafino is on its way to market with the goal of conveniently putting that power of precision into literally anyone’s hands. The Rafino is a simple, patent-pending handheld system of three stacked stainless steel sieves with an aluminum framework and handsome bamboo lid. Users add ground coffee to the top, shake it back and forth for a few seconds, and through its internal sieves the variously sized particles are separated with micron-level precision. Boulders that remain in the top sieve can be put back through the grinder, while the company suggests using unwanted fines either for compost, baking, or other household use.

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