With People & Planet, Peet’s Offers Sustainability

Emeryville, Calif.-based Peet’s Coffee today launched a marketing initiative called People & Planet, designed to highlight some of the coffee roasting company’s long-running direct trade relationships and promote the resultant coffee offerings.

The company has organized the campaign around three pillars, or three different ways of characterizing sustainable relationships with coffee producers: direct trade, farmer assistance, and certifications.

Indeed, the most interesting thing about the campaign is the fact that a company with the size, history, buying power and reputation of Peet’s is attempting to define and contextualize phrases such as direct trade, farmer assistance and certifications. Throughout years of industry-wide greenwashing and confusion among consumers, these terms are problematic no matter how they are presented. read more – http://dailycoffeenews.com/2017/01/24/marketing-beat-with-people-planet-peets-offers-sustainability-definitions/

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