Inside Zagat’s Coffee Consumer Trends Survey

Forty three percent of coffee-drinking respondents said they most often make their coffee at home or make/pour it at work. That leaves a relatively whopping 26 percent of people who most often get their coffee from “large national chains” and an equally relatively whopping 22 percent who get their coffee most often from “small chains” or “independents.” The number of people saying they regularly purchase coffee outside the home grew by 8 percent over 2014.

Specialty Drinks Catching Black Coffee

Black coffee remains the most popular drink among Zagat respondents, although its 24 percent share is down six percent from last year’s results. While “other” captured a 21 percent share of the favorite drink category, popular prepared drinks include: latte (17 percent), cappuccino (12 percent), Americano (8 percent), espresso (8 percent), iced coffee (5 percent), and flavored latte (5 percent).


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