A Guide to Cold Coffee Differences and Definitions

As we noted in our 2016 Year in Review piece regarding coffee served cold, it’s clearly an intensely fast-growing subcategory that shows no signs of slowing down, let alone disappearing.

Established, traditional coffee companies are increasingly identifying cold coffee products as major potential revenue generators either as café menu items, wholesale provisions or RTD packaged beverages. It is also becoming more common for new roasters to launch with RTD coffee products, depending on them as important sources of startup revenue and tools for brand-building. Meanwhile a new breed of coffee companies entirely devoted to cold coffee products is also proliferating, with some even opening brick-and-mortar cafes that serve cold coffee exclusively. read more – http://dailycoffeenews.com/2017/01/03/cold-new-world-a-guide-to-cold-coffee-differences-and-definitions/

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