Grow Your Restaurant Brand Through Private Labeling

Have you ever thought of substituting a national brand with your own branded product?

It really makes a lot of sense to use your own logo, especially if you are trying to grow your restaurant operation and establish your brand name in the marketplace.

You often see a restaurant’s name on a homemade sauce or marinade.  Every fast food joint has their name printed on paper goods.  Many restaurants plaster their name on as many things they can including condiments and, of course, sweeteners.

Quite simply, private labeling is a great way for restaurants to extend and solidify their brand.broken yolk

For years, a San Diego breakfast chain Broken Yolk Café placed the national brand sweetener and sugar packs on its tables.  As the chain expanded, they wanted to build their name brand recognition and chose to put their logo on all their sweeteners.  Broken Yolk has seen no drop in their business or complaints about the change.

So ubiquitous are the national sweetener brands, that people have stopped referring to them by name and instead call them out by color.  Customers ask for blue, pink, yellow and green to sweeten their coffee, tea and favorite dishes rather than by their brand name so why not put your logo on them?

Among the key benefits of an operator applying their name to products is that they expect it to be of high quality and priced at a value versus the national brand. As a result, operators should research the products as they want to be very selective. We don’t recommend putting the restaurant name on every product.  This could dilute the effort and seem a bit over the top.

When considering a product, you need to test it and thoroughly examine and vet the source.  Is the manufacturer trustworthy?  Make sure to confirm with possible vendors that they maintain their quality ingredients and formulas and don’t make changes when prices rise in order to save money.

Ultimately, anything you put on the table, on your plates, or in your kitchen becomes a reflection of your brand.  Customers respect national brands but may think even more highly of a self-branded product because they believe in your passion for using the highest quality products and ingredients.

Your brand is a product of so many things including menu, décor, customer service and marketing. You have worked hard to establish your restaurant’s personality so why not look to further its presence whenever possible?


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