EcoSticks: Revolutionize Your Zero-Calorie Sweeteners

As a foodservice operator, what is it that you want most out of a product line?

Value?  Definitely, as you want to make sure whatever you are serving gives you the biggest bang for your buck…and the customer’s.

Visual appeal?  Well, it is a huge plus if you menu item or table top offering looks appealing.

How about environmentally appropriate?  Being eco-conscious tells your customer you care about the world in which we live.  It is both an effective marketing initiative and a genuine goodwill statement.

Sugar Foods has incorporated all of these attributes into their new, GMO-free EcoSticks, a line of zero-calorie sweeteners packaged in a streamline manner that has revolutionized the way your table top sweeteners are presented.ecosticks pic

Quite simply, EcoSticks effectively replace the national brand sweeteners by providing a better image, better value and better ingredients.

From a packaging standpoint alone EcoSticks look so much cooler and more efficient than the traditional flat packs. In rethinking the old sweetener pack, which has been a standard for more than 50 years, Sugar Foods’s EcoSticks use 45% less packaging, 50 percent less filler while not losing any of their sweetening power. Its compact packaging reduces space used on the tabletop and back of house.

Consumers have shown that they don’t necessarily need a national brand name on their sweeteners.  They regularly refer to sweeteners by color rather than name.  They are more eco-conscious and prefer a product that provides less waste but the same sweet taste.

In making this unique and bold packaging change, Sugar Foods EcoSticks have made a huge impact by using 60 percent less paper, 50 percent less dextrose, 40 percent less corrugate (for shipping) and 50 percent less freight.  The overall savings equates to every foodservice operator who opts for EcoSticks over national brands.

Additionally, EcoSticks reduces the overall carbon footprint by reduce shipping costs, paper costs and total amount of raw material used.

As a non-GMO sweetener, EcoSticks are meeting the increasing demands by consumers for what they deem to be healthier products. Whereas most sweeteners are made from dextrose derived from corn that comes from GMO sources, EcoSticks have sourced non-GMO dextrose.

Whether is it pink, blue, yellow or green, the message of EcoSticks is clear: Less waste with the same taste in a product that is not only sweet for you and your customer but sweet for the planet.

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