Sweeteners See Healthy Growth Globally

Fueled by a global desire to slim down and eat healthier, the demand for sweeteners continues to rise.

The market for sweeteners, which reached $77 billion in 2013, is expected to soar to $97 billion by 2017 according to BCC Research.

The category includes sugar, natural sugar, zero calorie sweeteners and related products. Sweeteners are defined as a food additive that imparts a sweet taste to food or beverages. These include refined sugar, raw sugar, aspartame, stevia, sucralose and saccharin.…

What’s in a Name? The Advantage of Non-Branded Sweeteners

If Shakespeare was an ad copy writer, he might have said, “To brand or not to brand. That is the question.” The noted Bard also said, “What’s in a name?” And that is what we at Sugar Foods ask when it comes to zero-calorie sweeteners.

Recent studies show there’s been a dramatic move away from nationally branded sweeteners because consumers are more likely to choose by color than by brand.  As brand name loyalty subsides, restaurants are now able to …

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