When You Say Toppings, Say Cheese!

Cheese has always been a popular way to add flavor to food. On everything from salads to chili to soups, sandwiches, baked potatoes and pizza, you probably add cheese to add zest, aroma and piquancy to a favorite dish.

Toppings are one of our favorite ways to spice things up and create some dimension to food.  As the diet and cravings of diners have changed, so too have the toppings they can apply to entrees and side dishes.…

Saccharin’s Popularity Dates Back More Than 135 Years

Think Pink

Saccharin, which is known as the “king of artificial sweeteners,” was the first calorie-free sweetener developed as an alternative to sugar.

Much like other calorie-free sweeteners, Saccharin is much sweeter than sucrose or table sugar, about 400 times sweeter.  This trait has inspired the R&D staff at food manufacturers to incorporate it into a variety of products, such as drinks, candies, cookies, medicines, and toothpaste. …

Obesity is No Joke – Restaurateurs Can Make a Difference

Did you hear the one about the obese man who walked into the ice cream parlor with two cones already in his hands? No, and don’t tell it because jokes about obesity are not funny.

Let’s face it; obesity is a dark cloud over our society.  It kills a lot of people. According to Mercola, which monitors health statistics, one in five Americans died for obesity-related reasons in 2014. …

Maui Sugar Proves – Brown is the New Black

Brown is the new black.

That is, raw sugar like our Maui Brand® Natural Cane Sugar is a rising trend in foodservice but it is not just a fad.

As with many foods these days, if they are natural, they are highly popular and a necessary element of every restaurant or food establishment.  Such large chains at Chipotle and Panera Bread, with a combined 3,400 locations, offer Maui Brand® Turbinado among their sweetener selections.  Turbinado  has been a constant in …

Sugar Foods Newsletter – Winter 2015

Read the Sugar Foods Winter 2015 PDF Newsletter

The Rise of Specialty Coffee

coffeeAmerica loves coffee.

It’s everywhere.  From the thousands of Starbucks and McDonald’s, to Dunkin’ Donuts and Denny’s right down to the local coffee shop, the drive-through coffee hut and food truck.  You can even find the finest blends in airports, grocery stores and college campuses.

We go to these places to hang out, meet for business and to spend hours at our laptop doing homework or chatting …

2015 Foodservice Predictions: A Sweet Year Lies Ahead

If 2014 was the year of the oxymoron in foodservice, then 2015 will see a continuing evolution imposed by technology, green practices and ethnic foods.

This past year, we saw kale dominate as the greenest of greens to eat.  On the other hand, there was all of that bacon, so ubiquitous we saw it in everything from multi-layered gourmet sandwiches to exotic candies and desserts. While healthy and sustainable menus became de rigueur, it was also the year of the …

The View from the Table – Satisfying Customer Needs

Imagine going into your favorite restaurant, sitting down and seeing there is no salt and pepper on the table, nor is there ketchup, napkins or silverware.

Now imagine being a restaurant operator whose tables are this barren and uninviting.  You wouldn’t have it that way.  You wouldn’t because you know what your customers want and more importantly, what they need. …

N’Joy® Yellow Leads the Pack

Sucralose appeared on the market in 1998, quickly rose to prominence then zoomed to the number one position in the $1.5 billion zero-calorie sweetener market.

There are a number of reasons for the little yellow packet’s remarkable success, which has a firm hold on its position as the tabletop category leader in the U.S.

The beauty of Sucralose lies in its ability to add sweetness to foods and beverages without adding calories and carbohydrates. For those seeking to lower their …

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