The View from the Table – Satisfying Customer Needs

Imagine going into your favorite restaurant, sitting down and seeing there is no salt and pepper on the table, nor is there ketchup, napkins or silverware.

Now imagine being a restaurant operator whose tables are this barren and uninviting.  You wouldn’t have it that way.  You wouldn’t because you know what your customers want and more importantly, what they need. …

N’Joy® Yellow Leads the Pack

Sucralose appeared on the market in 1998, quickly rose to prominence then zoomed to the number one position in the $1.5 billion zero-calorie sweetener market.

There are a number of reasons for the little yellow packet’s remarkable success, which has a firm hold on its position as the tabletop category leader in the U.S.

The beauty of Sucralose lies in its ability to add sweetness to foods and beverages without adding calories and carbohydrates. For those seeking to lower their …

Sweeteners See Healthy Growth Globally

Fueled by a global desire to slim down and eat healthier, the demand for sweeteners continues to rise.

The market for sweeteners, which reached $77 billion in 2013, is expected to soar to $97 billion by 2017 according to BCC Research.

The category includes sugar, natural sugar, zero calorie sweeteners and related products. Sweeteners are defined as a food additive that imparts a sweet taste to food or beverages. These include refined sugar, raw sugar, aspartame, stevia, sucralose and saccharin.…

What’s in a Name? The Advantage of Non-Branded Sweeteners

If Shakespeare was an ad copy writer, he might have said, “To brand or not to brand. That is the question.” The noted Bard also said, “What’s in a name?” And that is what we at Sugar Foods ask when it comes to zero-calorie sweeteners.

Recent studies show there’s been a dramatic move away from nationally branded sweeteners because consumers are more likely to choose by color than by brand.  As brand name loyalty subsides, restaurants are now able to …

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