New Eco-Packaging Sends Strong Message to Consumers

“Help us change the world.” That is a message that more and more companies are sharing as they turn to eco-friendly, “green” packaging and shun wasteful non-biodegradable options.

The reasoning behind these changes coincides with the public’s desire to do good and technology innovations that have created new packaging concepts.

Utilizing efficient packaging that cuts weight without losing strength or degrading design is no longer the future – it is the present.…

Sustainability Tops 2016 Food Trends

It’s December and the time for us to make predictions for hottest food trends in the restaurant business for the coming year, but it may not be an actual food that leads the way in 2016.

Rather, it may be the way restaurants do business that will count the most. Customers are looking beyond the menu and the kitchen to learn more about the food they’re served and how the chef and owner run their operation. As a result, factors …

Top 10 Eco-Rules for Restaurants

It’s all the rage with an importance so great it could make or break your restaurant. No, we are not talking about kale salads or apple-cured bacon; instead, it’s about turning your restaurant green.

Improving your restaurant’s eco-friendly practices will not only attract more customers, but also will save money and improve your bottom line.…

Sugar Foods Newsletter – Spring 2015

Read the Sugar Foods Spring 2015 Newsletter

Brown Sugar or White Sugar: A Question of Taste

Have you ever reached for the sugar, pulled out the brown and white packets and wondered what’s the difference? This may sound like a Seinfeld comedy routine (“What’s up with the two sugars on every table?”).  Not surprisingly, there really are differences.

From the appearance to the texture to the taste, they have little in common. So the obvious next question is one necessarily …

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