Transform Your Tabletop.

New ecoStick zero calorie sweeteners look better and cost less than the national brands of sweeteners.  They deliver the same sweet taste your customers crave but are packed in space-saving, premium sticks that are better for you, your customers, and for the environment.

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Private Label Sweeteners


Pink, Yellow, Blue, & Green

N'Joy Rainbow
America’s favorite foodservice sweetener’s – available at 25% less than branded packets. Choose our N’Joy brand or yours – ask about our low minimums.


“Your Brand is the Sweetest”


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Maui Brand


Maui Brand Natural Cane Sugar is the only sugar that comes exclusively from the beautiful island of Maui. Always has and always will. Since 1882, our sugarcane has been harvested from Maui’s lush sugarcane fields, made rich and fertile by thousands of years of volcanic activity. Maui Brand – Made in Maui.

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Naturel Agave

Liguid Agave, available in Natural and Organic

Our Source
We search the fields of Mexico to find the perfect agave plants to harvest for Naturel® Agave Sweetener.

Our Process
To create the ideal flavor, we prepare a proprietary blend of carefully extracted nectar with a touch of sugarcane juice.

Our Product
Naturel® Agave Sweetener adds a clean, light, perfectly-balanced sweetness to both hot and cold

Benefits of Naturel Agave:

  • Low glycemic index
  • Evolving lighter taste
  • Sweeter than sugar means less


Musso’s: Add upscale, artisan flair and variety across your menu!

Musso's Parmesan SaladMusso's Parmesan Soup

Musso’s™ Cheese Crisps are unique crisps made with 100% oven-baked cheese! All our cheeses are crafted and aged the traditional way, bringing an old-world heritage of authenticity and superior quality to every flavorful, crunchy bite.

Available in Parmesan and Asiago varieties!

  • Oven-baked 100% cheese
  • Shelf stable & ready to use
  • No refrigeration required
  • Clean ingredients – no fillers
  • Versatile – serve them on:
    • Pizza
    • Pasta
    • Soup
    • Salads


Parmesan – …

Almond Breeze

Sugar Foods is the exclusive distributor of Blue Diamond’s Almond Breeze to foodservice operators.
  • Consumers are looking for low-calorie, healthy alternatives that taste good
  • They are moving away from soy-based beverages
  • Millennials are less trusting of milk and its supply
  • Almond Milk has grown double digits over the past two years
  • Almond Breeze is the category leader

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Cold-Brewed Coffee: It’s Hip, Cool and Very Profitable

Instead of asking what’s hot in the coffee world, it’s more appropriate to ask what’s cool!  Coffee connoisseurs throughout the world are raising their mugs filled with cold-brew coffee.

There are so many options in the coffee world these days.  Just about every respectable restaurant serves a variation of espresso and cappuccino.  French roast is now the expected premium roast along with a multitude of strengths and style from a growing number of countries.…

The Long, Hard and Very Worthwhile Task of Cultivating Agave

One of Sugar Foods fastest growing sweeteners is its Naturel® Agave, which is a blend of 90 percent agave and 10 percent natural cane juice. The all-natural sweetener, which is gluten-free and non-GMO, has numerous benefits and uses.

The agave plant has long been sought after for its naturally sweet nectar. This coveted succulent thrives in the rich sandy soils of Mexico, where Sugar Foods sources its Naturel® Agave. …

Drive-Thru Coffee Kiosks: Express Expressos


The other day we were driving around town from one meeting to another, hurried as usual and in great need of a shot of espresso.

We didn’t want to stop at the local Starbucks® where we would have had to wait 10-15 minutes for our caffeine boost, and the donut shop’s diluted offerings would not be satisfying. Then we saw it: a drive-thru coffee kiosk that was fortuitously located in the mall parking lot.…

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