Get Ready for the Pizza Expo®… and Musso’s™ Cheese Crisps

With the 2016 Pizza Expo around the corner (March 7-10 in Las Vegas), we thought it would be a good idea to offer a few tips about how to maximize the experience of what has become a power-packed international event.

Of course, a must-stop is the Sugar Foods’ booth, where we will showcase Musso’s Cheese Crisps (available in Parmesan and Asiago flavors). We will hand out sampler packs, so be ready to taste the 100% cheese toppings that are great …

New Eco-Packaging Sends Strong Message to Consumers

“Help us change the world.” That is a message that more and more companies are sharing as they turn to eco-friendly, “green” packaging and shun wasteful non-biodegradable options.

The reasoning behind these changes coincides with the public’s desire to do good and technology innovations that have created new packaging concepts.

Utilizing efficient packaging that cuts weight without losing strength or degrading design is no longer the future – it is the present.…

Sustainability Tops 2016 Food Trends

It’s December and the time for us to make predictions for hottest food trends in the restaurant business for the coming year, but it may not be an actual food that leads the way in 2016.

Rather, it may be the way restaurants do business that will count the most. Customers are looking beyond the menu and the kitchen to learn more about the food they’re served and how the chef and owner run their operation. As a result, factors …

Five Big and Beautiful Reasons to be Sustainable

Sustainable is one of those trendy words that can be overused, but most people don’t quite understand its full meaning and the tremendous value it provides.

Sustainability is all about minimizing the negative impact of your operation on the world and local community. It is not enough to give lip service to having a sustainable business, especially if you run a foodservice operation. That is because it is food which sustains us, and the way the food is purchased and …

Merry Crispiness! Musso’s Cheese Crisps Inspire Holiday Foods

It’s the Holiday Season when hearts, minds and stomachs turn to one thing – the food we can’t wait to eat.  One holiday favorite is cheese and restaurant operators should consider all the ways to incorporate it into recipes through Musso’s Cheese Crisps.

We have seen dozens of ways to use cheese crisps to add flavor to appetizers, side dishes and entrees. For example, imagine baked cheese crisps with jalapenos and cheese, or a kale salad with almonds and apples …

Hotels Go Upscale in Coffee Service

Artisanal coffees are the new hip way to present our favorite beverage and with them come a creative and progressive mindset about how food-service operators present themselves to the public.

Hotels in particular have taken to serving better and unique coffee in order to compete with the army of coffeehouses on their block. Coffee drinkers are more sophisticated and demanding when it comes to their morning Joe. That preference goes beyond just ordering a Flat White with soy-milk to the …

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