What’s in a Name? The Advantage of Non-Branded Sweeteners

If Shakespeare was an ad copy writer, he might have said, “To brand or not to brand. That is the question.” The noted Bard also said, “What’s in a name?” And that is what we at Sugar Foods ask when it comes to zero-calorie sweeteners.

Recent studies show there’s been a dramatic move away from nationally branded sweeteners because consumers are more likely to choose by color than by brand.  As brand name loyalty subsides, restaurants are now able to display the complete array of color sweetener packets at a reduced cost via one source.  They can put their own name on the packets or leave them in a generic package. 

At one time, restaurant customers were only offered refined white sugar to sweeten their drinks.  With the introduction of alternative sweeteners, consumers selected a variety of sweetener flavors, and by the 1980’s, sugar substitutes represented almost half of the tabletop sweetener market.

With the introduction of new competitive products, the alternative sweeteners became the norm and by the year 2000, yellow, pink, blue and brown packets overtook the sweetener caddie, pushing white sugar packets to the minority for the first time.

The Opportunity for Restaurants and Distributors

This evolution in sweetener selection provides a great opportunity for restaurant operators and distributors.  They can now put their own logo and brand on a packet of zero-calorie sweetener or sugar knowing that their customers no longer associate the quality of the sweetener with a certain name brand.

Or they can simply leave the packet unbranded with the same confidence that consumers are more interested in what’s inside the packet than what is printed on the outside.  Either way, operators and distributors save money by moving away from national brands and toward either private label or unbranded sweeteners. rainbow

In turn, consumers like the rainbow effect of a simplified uniform table top presentation.  They can now select from a full line of zero-calorie sweeteners including Yellow – Sucralose, Pink – Saccharine, Blue – Aspartame and Green – Stevia.  They can also select Maui Brand Natural Cane Sugar Packets, such as Turbinado Cane Sugar and Naturally White Cane Sugar.

With 50 years producing sweeteners for the foodservice industry, Sugar Foods provides the most complete foodservice program available to distributors and operators offering:


One source to manage the entire category for you


Uniformity of products in your units, across all colors


One supplier for all products with multiple production facilities


We have been committed to the category for the last 50 years – and intend to be for another 50+ more


A quality leader in the sweetener category for five decades

Shakespeare would appreciate the poetic justice associated with selecting sweeteners by color rather than by name.  When it comes to choosing their favorite sweetener your customers already know the answer to the question, “What’s in a name?”