The Move Toward Greater Sustainability and Efficiency

In designing the sleek packaging for EcoSticks, Sugar Foods also had to redesign the caddy that displays the sweeteners on restaurant tables and counters.

With a longer, thinner look, the new EcoSticks wouldn’t fit neatly into the standard rectangular caddy. As a result Sugar Foods is offering a more futuristic and practical design. The new compartmentalized caddy rises up from back to front, sporting a modern curvaceous style that is both appealing and ecostick caddy

The new caddy enhances the appeal of EcoSticks, which come in the four sweetener brands: yellow, pink, blue and green.  Because of its reduced packaging – 60 percent less paper used than traditional packets – EcoSticks provide operators greater efficiency by reducing tabletop and countertop space. In addition, EcoSticks offer restaurants another opportunity to promote their sustainability for customers: with EcoSticks, there is less waste and the same taste.

This new design got us thinking about the other changes taking place with restaurant in technology and interior designs.  Here are a few ideas to consider as we look ahead:

  1. Tech, Tech, Tech – The kitchen will include high-speed cookware timed and programmed for your recipes. Siri-style software will do away with people at the window and fast food orders will be taken in any language then swiftly transmitted to the kitchen. Digital ordering will be the norm as ApplePay and GoogleWallet become mainstream. Online ordering will be a text away.
  2. Shrinking Size – Restaurant footprints will shrink due to smaller, more efficient kitchens. The total size of restaurants could be reduced by as much as 10 percent.
  3. Fast and Casual – The trend to smaller eateries with reduced menus will continue and there will be fewer separations of brands, as concepts like Applebee’s and Denny’s continue their move towards creating fast, casual concepts.
  4. Local Everything – From sourcing local beef, poultry, veggies and all other ingredients to supporting and reflecting your local community via artwork and design, future eateries will be a mirror of your region, town or city. Location will most likely be a repurposed warehouse.  Chains will move away from uniformity to reflect their community’s local roots.
  5. Compostables – Glossy plastic-like recyclables will be a thing of the past. The new look will be as pure as wheat and water.  Everything from plates to cups to utensils will be made of the most eco-friendly compostable matter so that all of your take-out-ware will eventually blend into the earth.

Restaurants of the future will retain their personalized touch that reflects the food they serve.  The big changes will come in the ease of service and the efficiency in operations.

One thing is for sure, much like the Sugar Foods EcoSticks, there will continue to be an evolution in product design that benefits the restaurants, the customers and hopefully the globe.

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