Restaurant Industry 2017 – Predictions for the New Year

The beginning of the year is a good time to look at industry trends and predictions. Smart foodservice operators know that constantly reading consumers and adjusting strategies is the key to build a long-term business.

The Sugar Foods marketing team wants to help you identify the trends that face the restaurant industry so you can position yourself for success. The restaurant industry saw sales decline last year… how to turn momentum around? Here are some predictions for 2017:…

‘Tis the Season for Being Thankful

Thanksgiving is around the corner marking the beginning of another holiday season. Thanksgiving is the most American of holidays. In addition to its origin near the founding of our country, Thanksgiving is everyone’s holiday. The celebration is not geared to a religious event, historical figures, or war remembrance – it is for all Americans.

As foodservice professionals, we will take this time to scrutinize the year’s successes and failures and look forward to a new year in which we can …

Sweeteners Offer Healthier, Low-Calorie Alternative

Millions of times a day, consumers throughout the world perform the same exercise around ordering that morning cup of coffee:  They reach into the sweeteners caddie to pick through the different colored packets and select their sweetener of choice.

“Sugar and cream” with coffee has turned into a full slate of options:  Not only are there different sweeteners, but the cream choices have mutated into a refrigerator full of milks and creamers (but that’s another story).

The sweetener world is …

Pancakes and Espresso for Dinner? All-Day Breakfasts are the Rage

Raise your hand if you love having pancakes, French Toast, bacon, eggs and hash browns for dinner? Please, keep them up if you know your customers want more breakfast for dinner, too.

You are not alone. Serving breakfast for dinner is one of the hottest trends in foodservice this year.

That is why biggies, like McDonald’s, have tripled its all-day breakfast selection and Hardee’s has seen breakfast sales, now accounting for more than 50 percent of its overall sales. At …

Environmental Words Matter – Compostable, Biodegradable, Recyclable

As consumers become more aware of their environmental role in sustainability, education is important so that consumers, restaurants, and distributors promote the right products and the best behavior.

When it comes to the environment, world opinion always teeters between half-empty and half-full. Businesses see the opportunity with the half-full crowd and are churning out mountains of what they claim are “eco-friendly” products.…

The Coffee Quiz: How Much Do You Know about the Coffee You Sell?

It doesn’t matter if you are walking down a rural Main Street or tony Fifth Avenue, there seems to be a coffee shop on every corner these days and sometimes one or two in the middle of the block.

Throw in home brewing machines and drive-through java huts and all the restaurants with a percolator and U.S. coffee consumption is at record highs.  How high? About 64 percent of Americans have a daily cup and the average per drinker is …

New Eco-Packaging Sends Strong Message to Consumers

“Help us change the world.” That is a message that more and more companies are sharing as they turn to eco-friendly, “green” packaging and shun wasteful non-biodegradable options.

The reasoning behind these changes coincides with the public’s desire to do good and technology innovations that have created new packaging concepts.

Utilizing efficient packaging that cuts weight without losing strength or degrading design is no longer the future – it is the present.…

Sustainability Tops 2016 Food Trends

It’s December and the time for us to make predictions for hottest food trends in the restaurant business for the coming year, but it may not be an actual food that leads the way in 2016.

Rather, it may be the way restaurants do business that will count the most. Customers are looking beyond the menu and the kitchen to learn more about the food they’re served and how the chef and owner run their operation. As a result, factors …

Hotels Go Upscale in Coffee Service

Artisanal coffees are the new hip way to present our favorite beverage and with them come a creative and progressive mindset about how food-service operators present themselves to the public.

Hotels in particular have taken to serving better and unique coffee in order to compete with the army of coffeehouses on their block. Coffee drinkers are more sophisticated and demanding when it comes to their morning Joe. That preference goes beyond just ordering a Flat White with soy-milk to the …

The Long, Hard and Very Worthwhile Task of Cultivating Agave

One of Sugar Foods fastest growing sweeteners is its Naturel® Agave, which is a blend of 90 percent agave and 10 percent natural cane juice. The all-natural sweetener, which is gluten-free and non-GMO, has numerous benefits and uses.

The agave plant has long been sought after for its naturally sweet nectar. This coveted succulent thrives in the rich sandy soils of Mexico, where Sugar Foods sources its Naturel® Agave. …

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