Sweeteners See Healthy Growth Globally

Fueled by a global desire to slim down and eat healthier, the demand for sweeteners continues to rise.

The market for sweeteners, which reached $77 billion in 2013, is expected to soar to $97 billion by 2017 according to BCC Research.

The category includes sugar, natural sugar, zero calorie sweeteners and related products. Sweeteners are defined as a food additive that imparts a sweet taste to food or beverages. These include refined sugar, raw sugar, aspartame, stevia, sucralose and saccharin.

Overall, the market research firm TechNavio forecasts the global sweetener market to grow at a CAGR of 4.72 percent over the period 2013-2018.

The biggest reason for the increased demand is the worldwide growth of obesity and diabetes. Consequently, people are more aware of their sugar intake and are substituting zero calorie sweeteners for refined sugar at an increasing rate.  So, as the world becomes more health-conscious, it is turning to alternative forms of sweetening foods.  This is not only a trend in the United States and Europe but throughout China and India.

Sugar has always been the sweetener of choice and maintains its position with its closest substitute being high-frutose corn syrup.  The latter is used in the manufacturing of a wide form of food stuffs and beverages.  But shares of these caloric sweeteners are expected to drop in favor of zero calorie sweeteners due to the growing health concerns among people with sugar-related physical issues.

Products which can be marketed “naturally” such as stevia will help fuel the popularity of zero calorie sweeteners.Healthy_People

All in all, the food and beverage industry has been replacing sugar and corn syrup with other sweeteners.  Aspartame and sucralose have jockeyed for position as the most popular zero calorie sweeteners in the U.S. food industry as a way to sweeten foods and beverages.

Zero calorie sweeteners have proven to be a valid substitute as more people seek low calorie diets via sugar free products.  Couple that with the growing awareness about weight loss, and the demand for these sugar substitutes seems endless.

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