Saccharin’s Popularity Dates Back More Than 135 Years

Think Pink

Saccharin, which is known as the “king of artificial sweeteners,” was the first calorie-free sweetener developed as an alternative to sugar.

Much like other calorie-free sweeteners, Saccharin is much sweeter than sucrose or table sugar, about 400 times sweeter.  This trait has inspired the R&D staff at food manufacturers to incorporate it into a variety of products, such as drinks, candies, cookies, medicines, and toothpaste. 

For many years sugar was considered a luxury item – affordable to only the very rich.  As a result economic opportunity led the search for a sugar substitute. Additionally, sugar had become linked to obesity and was the deadly bane of a diabetic’s life.

Thus in 1878 at Johns Hopkins University, a team led by a Russian researcher named Constantin Fahlberg discovered Saccharin and the rest was calorie-free sweetener history.

Sugar Foods packages Saccharin in pink packages under the NJoy® label.  It is among the most popular calorie-free sweeteners with a variety of benefits:

  1. Because it passes directly through the human digestive system without being digested, it is very useful for diabetics looking for a way to sweeten their foods and beverages without raising blood sugar levels.
  2. It doesn’t react chemically with other food ingredients and is thus easy to store.
  3. It is calorie-free and thus an excellent sweetener for dieters.
  4. It tastes great in jams, baked goods, canned fruit and toppings.
  5. It is often times blended with other sweeteners to compensate for each sweetener’s weaknesses.  Blends of Saccharin and aspartame, for instance, are used in diet drinks to ensure that some sweetness remains if the syrup is stored for a long period of time. NJ Pink

As the father of calorie-free sweeteners, Saccharin is perhaps the most widely accepted sugar substitute in the world.  It is so well-known by its package color that consumers usually just ask for the “pink one” when eating out.  With more foodservice operators using their own brand or that of distributors and with the additional cost attached to branded packages, the pink package is now the way to serve calorie-free Saccharin at your establishment.

You and your customers will NJoy® the difference.

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