Obesity is No Joke – Restaurateurs Can Make a Difference

Did you hear the one about the obese man who walked into the ice cream parlor with two cones already in his hands? No, and don’t tell it because jokes about obesity are not funny.

Let’s face it; obesity is a dark cloud over our society.  It kills a lot of people. According to Mercola, which monitors health statistics, one in five Americans died for obesity-related reasons in 2014. 

We are all very aware of it.  We watch people lose tons of weight on The Biggest Loser.  We listen to Michelle Obama as she institutes programs to fight child obesity.  We are inundated with information about the difficulty of losing weight and the scores of weight loss programs and new fitness plans. Obesity

As restaurant owners, what can you do about it?  Your job is to feed people and provide a pleasurable experience in your establishment.  As far as combating obesity, you should consider offering options to customers, so they can choose if they are interested to cut calories.

There is really nothing new about placing low-cal dishes on your menu.  What is new are the multitude of ways to do so. Just about everything from appetizers to desserts can be tailored to be heart-healthy and low in calories.

The important thing is that you give your customers those options.

In the world of sweeteners, N’Joy® Zero Calorie Sweeteners are available in the four most popular flavor profiles: Pink, Blue, Yellow and Green – satisfying the wide array of consumer taste preferences and simplifying your sweetener offering with a uniform product line-up.

What’s more, N’Joy® Sweeteners are Kosher, Gluten-Free and Sodium-Free. Each packet has the sweetness of two teaspoons of sugar.

Because we know that people select their sweeteners by color rather than name, your customers can select  yellow packets made with Sucralose, same ingredient as Splenda®;  pink packets made from Saccharin like Sweet‘N Low;  blue packets containing Aspartame like Equal®; and green packets made from Stevia Extract, the same as Stevia In The Raw®.

These Zero Calorie Sweeteners are the choice of millions who want to sweeten their food and beverages, but do not want the unnecessary calories of sugar.

As foodservice operators, the best way to help fight obesity is to provide your customers with just these sorts of choices.

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