Maui Sugar Proves – Brown is the New Black

Brown is the new black.

That is, raw sugar like our Maui Brand® Natural Cane Sugar is a rising trend in foodservice but it is not just a fad.

As with many foods these days, if they are natural, they are highly popular and a necessary element of every restaurant or food establishment.  Such large chains at Chipotle and Panera Bread, with a combined 3,400 locations, offer Maui Brand® Turbinado among their sweetener selections.  Turbinado  has been a constant in the market since the 1980s.

Spurred by “natural seekers” and the rise of specialty coffee and teas, Turbinado sales have grown consistently over the past five years. Among the growing and powerful buying segment of Millenials, aged 18 to 28, raw and natural products are especially popular.

Domestic, natural and raw, Maui Brand Turbinado Natural Cane Sugar fits perfectly into any foodservice operation looking to capitalize on the natural foods category.

Grown in the nourishing sun and rich soil of Hawaii’s Maui Island and previously only available on Maui, Maui Brand® Natural Cane sugar is now bringing the Aloha spirit to restaurants on the mainland United States. Maui Brand® Natural Cane Sugar combines a premium source, slow batch preparation and innovative packaging to create the finest quality Turbinado product available on the market.

As with any product you serve, you should be educated about it.  So, here a few salient facts about Maui Brand” Natural Cane Sugar:maui s

  1. Turbinado Sugar is less refined than traditional white sugar, and is made by boiling sugar cane to create sugar crystals, which are then spun in a centrifuge to remove additional water. The result is a caramel-colored crystal with flavors of molasses and a stronger crystal-like texture. This process takes 48 hours versus a traditional 4 hour process for traditional refined white sugar. In this process, no artificial or synthetic ingredients are added, resulting in a completely natural product.
  2. Maui Brand Natural Cane Sugar is grown exclusively at the Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company, which has been growing and milling sugarcane in central Maui for more than 140 years. Each batch is grown in the nutrient-rich Maui soil and then handcrafted one batch at a time, which gives it a natural brown
  3. Maui Brand Natural Cane Sugar is the only raw Turbinado brand available in the mainland United States that is 100% grown and refined in Hawaii, making it a premium sourced product and 100% made in the United States.
  4. There are 20 calories in a 4.5 gram packet of Maui Brand
  5. Maui Brand is made with no genetically modified organisms and is certified Parve Kosher.
  6. Maui Brand Natural Cane Sugars is completely vegan, as is does not contain any animal by-product or come into contact with bone char or any other animal byproducts during the creation process.

Maui Brand foodservice packets are available in both Maui Raws Turnbinado and Maui Whites Natural Cane Sugar in packets, sticks and dispensers.  Foodservice customers can buy it in 25 lb. cases.

Distributors and foodservice operators often put their label on the boxes and packets for ease of branding and identification.

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