Hotels Go Upscale in Coffee Service

Artisanal coffees are the new hip way to present our favorite beverage and with them come a creative and progressive mindset about how food-service operators present themselves to the public.

Hotels in particular have taken to serving better and unique coffee in order to compete with the army of coffeehouses on their block. Coffee drinkers are more sophisticated and demanding when it comes to their morning Joe. That preference goes beyond just ordering a Flat White with soy-milk to the way the coffee is presented, the type of packaging and the sustainable message you convey.

Coffee drinkers want to know where their coffee comes from and the more exotic the better. The trend mirrors the craft beer phenomenon. It is being driven by Millennials’ demand for eco-friendly products and settings.

Millennials prefer locally-sourced food and drinks, which is why the idea of artisanal coffees makes marketing sense. They also want their food and drink establishments to make an effort to present high quality products that are “better” for them and the environment.

For the record, the word artisanal means “relating to or characteristic of an artisan; a product, especially food or drink, made in a traditional or non-mechanized way.”coff

As a result, we have hotels, which are partnering with coffee companies to cater to the needs of their very discerning business traveler. Today, you have everything from Starbucks® to homegrown Italian craft brews from authentic sounding companies like Torrefazione Italia, which offers single-cup servings at AC Marriott Hotels.

Keurig®, Nespresso® and Illy® Coffee are big players as well. Some hotels have even hired Master Baristas to design their coffee menus. Like Starbucks®, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is another branded entity in hotels, B&I and other food-service operations with captive audiences.

The coffee is better, tastier and more alluring to the new highbrow coffee consumer. With the new coffee offerings comes the demand for sustainable practices and environmentally-conscious environments.

It is not enough to just serve a better cup of coffee; you can up the ante by serving the coffee in compostable cups and using equally sustainable servingware.

With a product like Sugar Foods ecoStick sweeteners, you can present a product that reduces its carbon footprint by offering more sweetness in a smaller package. What’s more, you can apply your corporate brand to the package to tie yourself to a message of goodwill and eco-friendliness.

The days of the watered-down instant coffee are disappearing from our hotel rooms. That is good news for coffee-lovers and those who want their food and drink to be both delicious and environmentally supportive.

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