Get Ready for the Pizza Expo®… and Musso’s™ Cheese Crisps

With the 2016 Pizza Expo around the corner (March 7-10 in Las Vegas), we thought it would be a good idea to offer a few tips about how to maximize the experience of what has become a power-packed international event.

Of course, a must-stop is the Sugar Foods’ booth, where we will showcase Musso’s Cheese Crisps (available in Parmesan and Asiago flavors). We will hand out sampler packs, so be ready to taste the 100% cheese toppings that are great on pizzas, salads, soups and more.slide_musso-300x175

Here are some guidelines to attending the Pizza Expo:

  1. Bring an Appetite – Pizza comes in all shapes and sizes, but check out the chicken wings, salads, desserts and of course, our Cheese Crisps!
  2. Make a Budget – How much can you spend?  How long will you be there?  You need to pay for your show badge, food, transportation, hotel and entertainment (the show is in Vegas).  Remember though, gambling is not a business expense!
  3. Write a Packing List – This not only includes clothing and sundries, but also business materials or equipment you may want to bring.  Make sure to pack computer and mobile phone attachments and power supplies as well as pens, paper and business cards.
  4. Set Goals – Why are you attending the show?  The primary reason may be to view and sample new products, or explore new POS or technology. Check out the show directory, and write down all the must-see booth numbers.
  5. Make Appointments – Contact vendors you want to meet and make appointments.  This works much better than just showing up at a booth hoping your contact is there.
  6. Seminars – One of the best reasons to attend the Expo is there slate of seminars and speakers.  There’s actually a School for Pizzeria Management, too. For a full schedule of almost 100 classes and seminars (most are free with a show badge), check out the show website:
  7. Read the Trade Pubs – Get up to speed on the marketplace and any news that is happening.  This is not only important to expand your knowledge, but also to discover any new ideas and products.
  8. Check out the Parties and Meetings – Find out who is hosting social events.  Often times, you will be contacted ahead of time by vendors or brokers regarding these events.
  9. Wear Comfortable Shoes – Think comfort over style and your feet will thank you. Wearing your restaurant’s shirt or cap often leads to introductions from peers or vendors who could help your business.
  10. Stay Connected – Fire up your Twitter and Facebook accounts and post new stuff from the show.  This is a great way to share new discoveries with friends and customers.

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