Sugar Foods Newsletter – Summer 2015

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In the heat of the summer months, cold drinks – particularly iced tea and cold-brewed coffee – rule the restaurant scene. Between the two, iced tea is the old standby and preeminent leader but the upstart cold-brewed coffee is rising fast.

Few drinks soothe you better on a hot day than a glass of iced tea. More than 85 percent of all tea consumed in …

Sugar Foods Newsletter – Spring 2015

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Brown Sugar or White Sugar: A Question of Taste

Have you ever reached for the sugar, pulled out the brown and white packets and wondered what’s the difference? This may sound like a Seinfeld comedy routine (“What’s up with the two sugars on every table?”).  Not surprisingly, there really are differences.

From the appearance to the texture to the taste, they have little in common. So the obvious next question is one necessarily …

Sugar Foods Newsletter – Winter 2015

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The Rise of Specialty Coffee

coffeeAmerica loves coffee.

It’s everywhere.  From the thousands of Starbucks and McDonald’s, to Dunkin’ Donuts and Denny’s right down to the local coffee shop, the drive-through coffee hut and food truck.  You can even find the finest blends in airports, grocery stores and college campuses.

We go to these places to hang out, meet for business and to spend hours at our laptop doing homework or chatting …